Please follow the instructions below and refer to the video to assemble your shoe boxes.

(Tip: ensure clips are aligned and connect the clips one at a time - don't rush!)


  1. Attach the side panels with the back panel (grid)
  2. Attach the top and bottom panels (either side is fine)
  3. Ensure that all panels are aligned and secured
  4. Insert the front door, aligning the magnets to the metal screws on the top panel
  5. Use the plastic dowel pins provided and insert them into the holes on the sides you'd like to interlock


  1. Start with inserting the side pieces into the back piece.
  2. Once both side pieces are attached to the back piece, insert them into the top and bottom pieces. You should hear them "click" into place. 
  3. Once the box is assembled, finish it up by inserting the door into the holes. Note that the top of the box is the side with the metal screws. Make sure the doors magnets align with this side. 
  4. Use the plastic pegs to stack and/or interlock your boxes.